News 2016

Participation at research project i-Maintenance

As a result of the digitalisation in the production area and process chains, several challenges on an organization, technological and personnel level come up to the maintenance sector. The problem is, that general orientation, how to get a commercial use of the digital transformation in an effective and efficient way is missing. i-Maintenance develops innovative, methodical and...
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Scan bar- and QR-Code with data glasses

The innovative highlights of ispro-NG

To realise thoughts which seem to be unthinkable is our challenge as technological leader in the branch. That’s why you are always on the pulse of time with us. Data glasses With the data glasses you scan bar- and QR-codes to see live data from the machine. You get an immediate overview of measured data and wear values, as well as checklists for...
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ispro-NG rolling out at Tubex group

Since more than 60 years Tubex belongs to the leading companies in the packaging industry and is packaging specialist for aluminum-aerosol cans, aluminum tubes and plastic tubes for cosmetics, pharma, food and technical products. The location in Wolfsberg (Austria) is one of the most modern tube factories worldwide. At the location Wasungen, in the middle of Germany, high quality...
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Live presentation of isproNG at maintenance Stuttgart


At typical april weather with sunshine on the first day and snow on the second day, the most important event in the maintenance branche in South Germany took place from 27.-28. April -  the trade fair »maintenance Stuttgart« With professional competence, industry knowledge and drive, our team could convince the large number of prospective customers, that they are...
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isproNG Instandhaltungssoftware bei den IH-Tagen

Maintenance days 2016: ispro-NG always one step ahead

The Maintenance Days 2016, which took place from 12. - 14.04. in Salzburg, confirmed once again the technological edge of isproNG. The latest feature in our maintenance software - SENSORS-  attracted the attention of numerous visitors. Sensors endpoints are created and linked with isproNG. The values can be obtained at certain intervals and - for example - shown graphically....
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LEMKE Marzipan - Referenz für isproNG Instandhaltungssoftware

Lemke Marzipan - Berlin...

...goes for Maintenance Software isproNG. "Georg Lemke GmbH & Co. KG“ is a family-owned company with more than 100 years tradition and  today one of the leading producers in the confectionery industry. At the modern production plant in Berlin-Britz the following isproNG-modules have been implemented: Alert Management for...
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