ISPRO-NG reference R+FK Schulte (rfks)

Digitalization of maintenance at R+FK Schulte

Smooth maintenance processes with the isproNG CMMS software at rfks R+FK Schulte - rfks for short - is one of the leading manufacturers of washers in Europe. State-of-the-art machinery and the latest packaging lines guarantee the best product quality and high availability, but must be maintained and serviced accordingly to keep up these quality standards. In order to meet...
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ispro-ng CMMS at automatica 2023

Smart Maintenance at automatica Munich

Because challenges need solutions: automatica 2023 Why automatica is one of the must-visits in the industry? As the leading trade fair for intelligent automation and robotics, automatica covers the entire value-added chain and offers an overview of current developments and innovations and thus provides the necessary orientation and investment security....
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isproNG CMMS auf der IN.STAND 2022

ISPRO-NG live at IN.STAND 2022

Stuttgart, October 18-19, 2022 THANK YOU for visiting our booth and the great interest in our CMMS ispro "NextGeneration" Topics such as "Get away from the paperwork" and mobile maintenance in OFFLINE operation were...
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User Meeting ispro INFO.TALK 2022

That was the ispro INFO.TALK 2022...

... long awaited ... informative and instructive ... sociable and funny ... a successful event User Meeting  -  ispro INFO.TALK  -  22.09.2022 It was great pleasure to be able to welcome so many of our customers personally after a four-year break! More than 100 isproNG-User...
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ispro-ng not affected by security vulnerability in Log4j

As certainly already known from the media, a critical security vulnerability (Log4Shell) has been discovered in the logging library Apache Log4j. isproNG does not use this Java component! So you can continue to manage your maintenance with isproNG in a carefree and secure way.
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Technologies for Smart Factories


Industry 4.0 is the digitization of the production and refers to the increasing use of networked, digital technologies in our society. This trend is also continuing in maintenance, servicing and repairs. "Maintenance 4.0" refers to software, which manages all assets of a company - from production machines and the vehicle park to facility...
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