News 2020

Georg Fischer meets isproNG

ispro-NG is the the tailor-made solution for Georg Fischer Fittings

Three Divisions, One Corporation GF is the preferred partner of its customers for the safe transport of liquids and gases, lightweight casting components in vehicles, and high-precision manufacturing technologies. Productivity is guaranteed when work is accomplished fast and reliably. GF uses its many years of experience and modern technologies in each division to create...
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isproNG-the intelligent tool for industry 4.0

H&H Systems presents the ispro-NG product video

In a world, where everything is connected, where everything is equally excellent, where performance reaches perfection, there is only one factor for innovation: YOU Right now YOU are the central point, so to speak, the eye of the hurricane of change, motivated by digitization, mobilization and automation. Think of self-driving cars or...
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Frenzelit meets isproNG

Frenzelit uses ispro-NG – today innovative for the world of tomorrow

The family-owned company from Upper Franconia, Germany develops, produces and sells gaskets and gasket materials, insulation and insulation materials for various industries as well as expansion joints for plant engineering.This is possible thanks to the dedicated and skilled work of around 500 employees at seven national and international locations. isproNG ...
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isproNG App at TGW

Since 10 years ispro-NG is the strong partner of TGW on their successful way

TGW Logistics Group is a leading systems provider of highly automated, flexible solutions supporting distribution and fulfilment for leading retailers and global brands in ecommerce, apparel, general merchandise and grocery.   Since 1969 TGW has been implementing innovative solutions from small material handling applications to complex...
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Donausäge Rumplmayr meets isproNG

Me and my wood – ispro-NG at Donausäge Rumplmayr

„Wherever you work, chips fall“ DONAUSÄGE RUMPLMAYR GmbH is an Austrian family-business, running industrial sawmills in third generation. We purchase and process the full bandwidth of softwood assortments occurring through harvesting activity (spruce, pine and fir logs from 12 cm top- to 70 cm...
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