The authority of the "e-Award 2019" is glad to honor, in the category "Industry 4.0" ...

... H&H Systems with the project "Predictive Analytics Message Board" !

The Software Competence Center Hagenberg (SCCH) has developed with below mentioned research- and project partners a „Predictive Analytics Message Board“ which is the basis for monitoring as well as premature detection and analysis of faults in machines, production plants, production machinery, cash points, photovoltaics etc. As a result of this a large number of machines and machine components can be continuously monitored and occurring errors can be prioritised. The „Predictive Analytics Message Board“ is  equipped with different methods, primary out of the data-based modeling (analysis of local sensor data, comparison with similar machines), but also with application dependent, model-based approaches. Through proactive maintenance strategies (Predictive Maintenance) the plant availability can be increased, downtimes can be reduced and material- and energy costs can be saved.

Research- and project partner:

  • Fronius International
  • ENGEL Austria
  • H&H Systems
  • Messfeld
  • Montanuniversity Leoben
  • BMW Motors
  • BRP Rotax
  • ISW Industriesoftware

The award has been honored for outstanding achievements in the implementation of IT- solutions.

Link to YouTube Video >> Predictive Analytics Message Board - eAward 2019 category „Industry 4 0“ SCCH



eAward Auszeichnung für H&H Systems 2019