Since 10 years ispro-NG is the strong partner of TGW on their successful way

TGW Logistics Group is a leading systems provider of highly automated, flexible solutions supporting distribution and fulfilment for leading retailers and global brands in ecommerce, apparel, general merchandise and grocery.  

Since 1969 TGW has been implementing innovative solutions from small material handling applications to complex fulfilment centers. 3,600 employees across the globe are focused on providing world class solutions to help our customers succeed in a rapidly changing business environment.

TGW Logistics Group provides a Software Suite for their customers, which has been developed within their company. This software includes control and visualization systems, but barely functions of a professional maintenance management system. Especially at plants with TGW on-site service, the technicians  quickly reached the limits of the existing software, so TGW decided to explore the market for suitable CMMS systems. 

A multi-stage software selection process was initiated, in which requirements for functionality, user-friendliness and economy of the software solution were evaluated. Within this process isproNG has been integrated in the system landscape of TGW.

The very complex inspection rounds are documented with isproNG through the NFC solution and any faults are reported via the isproNG alert portals. Plannings of cyclic recurring maintenances are created in isproNG and assigned to the appropriate employees using the resource planning  as part of the work preparation.  Spare parts are managed in isproNG and already stored in the maintenance planning, so that a reduction of the minimum stock was made possible. Inventories are corrected automatically and order requisitions are placed just-in-time by isproNG.


“If your service is poor, you become easy prey for your competitors” Interview with Erich Schlenkrich, Industry Manager at TGW Logistics Group

isproNG App at TGW